Brian Mathew Taylor
The Creature From Beyond
The Shady Spot
My Darkest Hour
Creeping Dawn
A World Falling (Featuring Maggie Vela)
Hmmm... My short description? Well, to put it simple I am a multi-instrumentalist. I play a lot of instruments, but primarily Guitar & Keyboards. I play all my songs by myself. Yes, it's my lonely little music life. I record everything myself in my personal studio at my house. Highly guarded by Mutant Chihuahuas and a Spider Monkey named "Psycho" highly trained in the secret art of Deja fu. Watch out if you have an encounter with him you might get the feeling like you've had a butt kicking like this before...

My sound? Well, take Queensryche, Dream Theater, David Bowie, Moby, Europe, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Danny Elfman, Bach and a sprinkle of Rob Zombie, putem in a blender and you have my sound. Those are the most prominent of my influences.
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